Customizable Table Tents in Word Format for
Promoting Ask Here PA in your Library

Questions on Any Topic
(For use by public, school and special libraries)

College Research
(For use by academic libraries)


Table Tent Contents

  • The “How to use Ask Here PA” table tent contains step-by-step instructions for accessing the service.
  • The “General Promotion of Ask Here PA” table tent provides promotional content encouraging the use of Ask Here PA.

How to Use the Table Tents

  1. Download the Word document
  2. To edit the file, from the View menu choose Print Layout
  3. Insert your library name and/or web link and save the file on your computer
  4. Print the file on hard stock paper
  5. Fold the paper so that each side displays the content.
  6. Display the table tent in computer labs, reading rooms, study rooms, reference desks, circulation areas, etc.